This Year’s Participants

Future Headline – Help us fill in the blanks!

The event was held Saturday, September 16, 2017 to raise funds for the Wright Flight Program of the Tailwind Aviation Foundation. _____ pilots and passengers in ____ planes, along with _____ volunteers, ____ sponsors and donors and 5 airports came together to raise $(TBD) for the program.

Congratulations to our Contest Winners

Will you be one of these?
Best Hand – 1st: __________, 2nd: __________, 3rd: __________
Spot Landing – 1st: __________, 2nd: __________, 3rd: __________
Flight Timing – 1st: __________, 2nd: __________, 3rd: __________
Flour Drop – 1st: __________, 2nd: __________, 3rd: __________


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Pilots and Passengers

There’s room for you here…!


There’s room for you here…!